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WOW: 15 Year-Old Girl Has Been Missing Since June & Just Hit Her Mom Up on Facebook To Tell Her She’s Pregnant in Mexico & Married To a Guy Named Chino?

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A 15-year-old girl missing since June contacted her mother via Facebook on Friday – revealing she is married and pregnant after fleeing to Mexico.

It was believed Alisa Wheeler ran away from her Southern California with her adult boyfriend when she disappeared four months ago. No one had heard from her until she reached out to her mother last week, and confirmed she is living in hiding across the border after marrying another man. She said her daughter was believed to have fled to Mexico with her adult boyfriend, known as Roi. Investigators feared she would be sold into the sex trade if she made it to the border – approximately 250 miles from her Taft home. But those concerns were somewhat quelled last week when Mrs Simonek got a message from her daughter on the social networking website. ‘She told me over and over again how sorry she is she let me down,’ Mrs Simonek said. She was unprepared for another twist in the story, however. Referring to the man her daughter is believed to have run away with, Mrs Simonek explained: ‘When she I guess got down there, he was married and she left,’ and found another man. ‘She says that she is now in Mexico, she is married, and she is pregnant,’ Mrs Simonek added. Alisa has disclosed little information about her new husband, a 23-year-old named Chino. Mrs Simonek said her daughter is three months pregnant and living in Baja California, one of the 32 Federal Entities of Mexico. But Alisa won’t say where. She talked to her daughter twice over the weekend via Facebook, and hoped conversations would continue so that she could persuade the teenager to come home. Mrs Simonek said she has offered to pay for her daughter and new son-in-law to come to Taft to bring Alisa home. She said she believes her daughter is scared her new husband will be jailed if they are discovered. But authorities have so far failed to track the her. ‘She is 15 and she is legal in Mexico, and they assume that she went there willing and that’s why they won’t go down there and get her,’ Mrs Simonek said.