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Exclusive Interview With Ty Dolla $ign!

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If you haven’t heard of singer/songwriter Ty Dolla $ign, you should stop reading this and Google him (for your own benefit). The Los Angeles native is making serious waves as of late and is quickly making a name for himself. After inking a deal with Atlantic Records under the coordination of A&R Shawn Barron, Ty linked up with renowned manager Michael “Blue” Williams. Williams is the president of Primary Violator and was recently ranked #20 on The Source Magazine’s Power 30 Player list.

Ty Dolla $ign dropped his fifth mixtape Beach House on October 1 and it’s created a buzz since hitting the internet. “My Cabana”, one of the standout tracks on the project, has become a fan favorite and turned into somewhat of an anthem.

Ty hasn’t let up with the release of his mixtape though. He is set to tour with Dom Kennedy and plans on carrying his success and finishing out the year strong. With his new web series called “Day in a Dolla $”, you can stay up to date with the singer and keep on tabs on his progress.

Ty checked in with for an exclusive interview on his path to success, what makes his music different, and what he’s looking forward to most about going on tour.

Who is Ty Dolla $ign?

“Ty Dolla $ign is an LA native. Crazy musician, crazy writer, and crazy singer. I play every instrument. I f**k every different type of b***h.” (Laughs)

You really seem to have surged onto the scene out of nowhere. Can you talk about what the past couple months have been like?

“It’s been the last couple years, man. I’ve just been enjoying it. I been hella humble and hella thankful. It’s been hella blessings, bro. I’m just thankful, I can’t believe it. It’s like damn, I’ve been doing music for a minute and now I’m poppin”.

Why did you decide to sign with a major label?

“I chose Atlantic because of all the things that come out of a major label. Atlantic really put their heart into my s**t. It’s gotta be a machine, it’s gotta be a team. I f**k with Shawn Barron and everybody over there. I’m just blessed”.

Can you talk a little bit about how you met Shawn Barron?

“I met Shawn Barron at Atlantic Studios. I was just writing or whatever, he’s an A&R there and he brought me in one day and had me write for a couple different artists.”

Tell me a little bit about your new project, Beach House. In terms of the actual content, was there a certain theme you were going for? In addition, did you have a marketing plan as to when to release it?

“I’ve been working on Beach House for a while and I kept on pushing it back and pushing it back to try and make it better. But then everybody kept on tweeting me like, ‘Yo man we’ve been waiting a year’. So I just dropped that s**t, it had nothing to really do with the Atlantic situation. They were actually telling me don’t drop more music, but I was like you know what…everybody keeps on asking me, I gotta just drop something. They felt like those songs could be sold on the internet instead of giving them away for free but I was like nah man this is just the beginning, like I really do this music s**t. The album is going to be way better than Beach House.

As far as a theme, I wasn’t really trying to go for a theme. Like the Beach House is the beach house. We chillin, fuckin b****s, and getting money. And we workin out, we stayin husky at the same time.” (Laughs)

Were you surprised at how quickly your mixtape went viral? Or did you know when you were recording it that it was fire?

“I think the first mixtape was fire too, but I didn’t have the team that I have now. Now I have a crazy team. I got new management. I got this new publicist, Aishah, she’s been going in for me. I kind of knew it would pop more than the last one because I was coming with a new team. That was a blessing as well.”

There’s a record on your new tape with Dom Kennedy. Can you talk a little about that record and the fact that you guys are about to go on tour?

“That record was actually done a long time ago, like almost a year ago…at the beginning stages of Beach House. And my part was done at my grandmother’s house, like in the back room I just brought the laptop and s**t. Then I went to Dom’s studio and I’m like Dom would be perfect on this s**t. So he did his verse and then my homeboy T. Mills did his verse. And we didn’t even release it, we just kept it cuz everybody was vibing to it. We shot a video already too but I hated it so we’re shooting another one, it’s gonna be crazy.”

What are you looking forward to most about going on tour?

“Letting people know that I’m out here doin my s**t and they should come f**k with me because that s***ts crazy. I’m gonna keep on coming with that dope ass music that all these other n****s ain’t doing. They all gonna copy me, so you might as well f**k with the originator.” (Laughs)

What’s one thing you have to have on tour?

“Hella water and hella weed. I know I probably can’t smoke in some states in certain countries and all that though…”

You’re managed by Michael Williams, who was ranked in The Source Mag’s #20 Power 30 Player. Can you talk a little bit how you ended up with him and what that means to you to be managed by someone with such a great reputation?

“I was just doing my research and he was incredible. He did Cee Lo; he got him on the Super Bowl and I was like damn, that would be a good look. I remember when Nelly first came out, Nelly was on the Super Bowl. So, that’s like my real goal. Get out here on that Super Bowl and go stupid.”

What makes your music different than other R&B?

“I’m me and I’m not trying to sound like anybody else. It seems like a lot of these other artists try to sound like everybody else and I’m not trying to do that at all. My lane is MY lane. Other people might come try and swerve in my lane and s**t.

My beats are crazy, I do my own production, my lyrics are crazy…I’m just talking crazy s**t. The thing about my s**t is you can listen to it alone or with a b***h. B****s love it too. Other R&B dudes, you can only listen to that s**t with a girl. My s**t is like real n***a s**t.”

Who are some artists that you’d want to work with?

“All the biggest artists like Rick Ross, Drake…all them dudes man. Jay-Z…Kanye. On some other s**t, I would like to work with The Weekend. I would like to do a banger with him. Everybody, man. Everybody that has good music. There’s not much music that I think is wack.”

You’re working on your first album which is set to come out next summer. What can fans look forward to next year?

“They can look forward to a new sound that’s some next level s**t. Just makin something amazing”.

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Written by: Mike Epstein (@MikeENJ)

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