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Exclusive Interview With The DMV’s Own JD The Junior

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Check out our Exclusive Interview With The DMV’s Own JD The Junior below! Who is JD The Junior? where are you from? age? etc..

I’m a Maryland Recording Hip-Hop Artist, looking to make a name and leave my mark in the music industry and business. I’m 19 years of age and from Capitol Heights, Maryland. I promoted for a number of club venues from time to time in the Washington D.C area and some parts of Florida. I currently attend Full Sail University in Winter Park, Florida. As a young pre-teen you started as a poet, and that lead you to becoming a rapper, at what point did you realize your writing skills would pay off at such a young age?

Honestly, I began to write small poems and songs at the time just for the fun of it or to vent. I’ve also been around music and watching other forms of entertainment all my life and almost always imagined how my life would be as such. From there, I’ve been taking my craft and love for music much more seriously as a career and dream job, working hard, making music that people love, while also telling my story or possibly someone else story.

473 you recently dropped your mixtape “DMV” — tell us more about its production, features, and what inspired you to make it?

I’ve recently dropped DMV2 now. DMV originally stands for the DC, Maryland and Virginia area, but I used the acronym to stand for Dreams, Motivation, & Victory. I’ve been doing music for a little while now alongside other artist and supporters and have dropped projects and mixtapes even before “DMV”.

DMV was my biggest project of them all and was pretty much my breakout mixtape. It was hosted by DJ Junior 1017 and DJ Infamous VA, sponsored by DMV Nation and recorded at Listen Vision Studios in Washington D.C. I not only wanted to continue to produce good music for the city to enjoy and support but also again it’s much of my life that I put into that music as well. “DMV” and DMV2” features a number of some of the top DMV Artist around including Top Dolla Sweizy, G The Mastermind, Yodi Savant (JR The Prince), Autumn LaBella and alongside a couple of my own artist and good friends Jerm and Kid Hype. you were featured on the local news, how did that happen & has it changed anything for you in the local area among other artists?

Earlier in my career I was given the opportunity to perform in front of Listen Vision’s Studio as a part of Howard’s Homecoming and block party last October. The event was broadcasted over the Internet as well as on WUSA Channel 9 and Fox Channel 5 News, showcasing some moments of my performance with Kid Hype. the DMV area has been making noise with alot of artists lately, there seems to be a large amount of young artists coming from the area, what makes you stand out to people from all the other DMV artists?

I think the fact that the DMV is getting more and more recognition in the areas of Hip-Hop music is a beautiful thing in itself. From artist like Wale, Los, Lola Monroe, Black Cobain, to Fat Trel, Lightshow, Shy Glizzy, Young Moe and even myself to name just a few. Although every one of those names have their own styles, attributes and successors, I believe that I make some of the best both Underground and Commercial music as an upcoming and coming artist that the city has to offer, especially since I’ve been around for a short amount of time. I just love to do this and put in the hard work, and with more Artist behind me I look to set the tone for those who follow as well as learn and hope to work with those who I look up to as well.

4jh34 After the sucess of your DMV mixtape, whats your next project we can expect?

DMV2: Dreams, Motivation, & Victory 2 is out right now on and more. Again it features some of the hottest names in music in the DMV with music that I’m sure everybody is going to enjoy. I plan to continue to work with some more artists inside and outside the area on future projects. I also plan to drop a number of different projects and go into a number of different directions with my music so you would know Its “JD The Junior” but will also see how I’ve grown from then to now. Have you worked with any major artists? or any of the top artists from the DC area?

I’ve had my music reviewed by Grand Hustle’s A&R and Vice President Doug Peterson and he said that my music was “Dope” and “Heading in the right direction”. I’ve done a number of performances, and seeking to do more and I’ve been offered many opportunities to do shows in front of Major Crowds and Major Artist through Coast2Coast mixtapes and more. I just have to work with what I got as an artist and also around my schedule since I’m still in College. If you could pick one artist to collab on a track, who would be your dream collaboration with?

If I had to pick just one It would be Wale. Many artists come to mind but I would love to create a “smash hit” that the city and world would love with a DMV artist of his stature. I have much respect for Wale and what he has done as far as music and putting on for the city goes as a whole. Hopefully we will indeed make some music happen in the near future. where do you see yourself in the next 5 years? can you see yourself on a XXL freshman list?

It depends on what direction that I take in this industry. I can see myself on the XXL freshman list just because of the work I’ve put in and continue to put in alongside for my creativity, my taste, my ear and my love for music. I can see myself being a signed artist and representing a major label and myself. I can see myself being an independent artist for quite some time and starting my own team or label under Jet Major Entertainment. I can see all three happening at the same time honestly, but only time will tell and you only get what you put in.

o68w9gbl where can people reach you for bookings?

You can send an email to [email protected] for bookings for performances and music features. You can also follow me on twitter @_JDTheJunior_ and check out my Reverbnation, Myspace and more and get my contact information. where can the fans listen to your material?

You can Google, or YouTube “JD The Junior” and find everything you need to find. You can check out iTunes, Twitter, Spotify, Soundcloud, Reverbnation, Myspace and more. I try to make my music available everywhere for everybody to listen to and enjoy. #DMV2.