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Article: The Rise of Hip Hop’s 3rd Golden Era


It’s well understood that the 80’s and particularly the 90’s are the two Golden Eras of hip hop. The 90’s more, due to the fact that at this point hip hop had hit its peak in terms of lyricism, originality, and mass appeal. But somewhere along the line, at the turn of the new millennium, hip hop fell off and fell off hard. Though it was still the most popular music genre in the world, it was simultaneously deteriorating. Lyricism and originality had been replaced with overly dumb down lyrics, lame catch phrases and corny dances (the Stanky Leg…really? smh -_-). During this time many were claiming that “hip hop was dead”. But little did they know that an onslaught of “New Legends” were on the horizon.


Article: Putting Vegas on the Map


Ah Vegas, the lights, gambling, girls, fancy cars, celebrities, boxing at the MGM and hip hop. Wait a minute, hip hop!? When you think of west coast hip hop you think of Los Angeles, Oakland and well, that’s about it. But if anything, the last place you’d think is Las Vegas. Besides, who’s from Vegas anyway? Well apparently outside of tourism there is local life on this land island in the middle of the Nevada desert and they rap too. One might expect Las Vegas hip hop to be all party music. But contrary to belief, the two most popular rappers out of LV have some of the most well written, content filled rhymes in the game today. Though both have their fair share of women chasing, party tracks, don’t be fooled, their music is much deeper than what can be seen on the surface.


Article: Joey Bada$$, Logic & Lil Snupe – Young Bloods


The saying “hip hop is dead” has itself died over the past couple of years with the help of artist like J. Cole, Kendrick Lamar, Big K.R.I.T. & Drake. Currently the verdict is still out on whether or not hip hop has resurrected. But it’s safe to say that lyricism and originality (the heartbeat of hip hop) is slowly making its way back into the mainstream. Household names aside, there are a few up-and-comers keeping hip hop’s pulse steady. Given the ages of our top three MC’s, it appears that a little youthful blood transfusion will keep hip hop alive for a little while longer. (read more below)