Rich Homie Quan Gets Into Brawl At Adrien Broner Match


After this weekends big fight of Adrien Broner vs Emanuel Taylor, Rich Homie Quan walked Adrien to the ring for his fight but ended up in a brawl in the audience. Watch some of the footage that has been released already below!


Meek Mill Disses Wale For Not Promoting His Album & Wale Responds


After a few years of rumors claiming that Meek Mill and Wale had some tension among them, looks like today Meek didnt hold back anymore. Meek took to his twitter to diss Wale for not promoting his “Dreams Worth More Than Money” album. Check out the tweets by Meek & response by Wale below!


T.I. Reponds & Threatens Azealia Banks On Instagram


Well in today’s “I dont really want to post this” news, Azealia Banks went at T.I. and he responded right back at her for running her mouth on twitter, check out what T.I. had to say below!


Mistah F.A.B. Slaps DJ Mustard On Stage?!?


Rumors were floating around all day that DJ Mustard was robbed by rapper Mistah F.A.B. yesterday night, earlier DJ Mustard & YG released a video claiming the rumors of a robbery were false and claiming everything was all good. Well some fan footage of Mistah F.A.B. slapping DJ Mustard on stage has surfaced, check it out below and more info coming soon. We are not sure what started this or what really happened, from what we know of Mistah F.A.B., he does alot of charity and give-a-ways for his community. If this is a one time incident then hey what can you say, someone had a bad night but as of now until we get a full statement from anyone involved we will just go by video and there tweets for now. So we added some twitter comments by DJ Mustard & Mistah F.A.B. below, check em out! (NEW UPDATE AND FOOTAGE BELOW)


T.I. & Floyd Mayweather Fight In Las Vegas Fatburger


So this wild memorial weekend we had a Pay Per View fight, well kinda…..the big weekend news was that rapper T.I. & Floyd Mayweather got into a fight in Las Vegas at Fatburger! We normally dont get into the whole gossip he said she said, reports are that T.I. was unhappy with Floyd for hanging out with his wife Tiny and T.I. approached Floyd and swung on him. Security jumped in and broke it all up, one person had a gash on there hip area (photo below), check out a few videos released below!


Trinidad James Explains His Side of Maino Issues


Trinidad Jame$ spoke to VladTV about his ongoing issues with Maino regarding comments he made about NYC music and radio personnel. Jame$ and Maino both spoke about the situation over the phone but it was unclear if they officially resolved their issues or not. Maino came in to our VladTV office to address the situation and share his reasons for taking up issues with Jame$ in defense of his city.

While Trinidad spoke with VladTV, he explained that he in no way intended for his comments to come off as disrespectful towards New York, but rather that he was just keeping it real with the way music is handled in New York. He also denied being responsible for the phone conversation between himself and Maino being released, and also clarified that he and Mani


Maino Details Beef With Trinidad James


Maino sat down with VladTV and he opens up about his beef with Trinidad James after the Atlanta rapper claimed that NY didn’t represent its own artists during a Converse event in Brooklyn, and added that the South runs New York music, which set the “Let it Fly” rapper off. Maino then explains what led to their phone conversation that was leaked online, and he reveals if he was the one who released the phone call online.

Maino also talks about why he feels the “All Gold Everything” rapper contradicted his argument by taking his statements to a disrespectful place, and gives examples to support his argument. watch below!


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